When my doctor told me I would be taking part in a nutrition education program as part of my substance abuse recovery program, I laughed.

I didn’t believe the food I ate played any role in my problems, and I certainly didn’t think it could be part of the solution. Furthermore, I didn’t exactly see my body as a temple. In fact, how I looked and felt was a constant source of anxiety.

But then I met my peer support specialist. She was a beautiful, strong, confident woman. Her skin glowed, her eyes were bright, and her approach was refreshing. “I know it sounds crazy,” she said, “but if you promise me you’ll try this, I promise you you’ll feel better.”

After three stents in rehab in five years, I was skeptical… but I was also desperate. So, even though it felt silly, I went to nutrition therapy once a week on top of all my other meetings. And I’m convinced what I learned there saved my life.

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